26 November, 2008


The Sastipoorthi celebrations of Mr.K.S.S.N.SARMA, s/o Late K.V.R.Narasimha Rao, have been celebrated on 6th and 7th November 2008 at 201,Swathi Residency, Ravindra Nagar Colony, Habsiguda, Hyderabad 500 007. The entire family of Late Shri K.V.R.Narasimha Rao, gathered in good number to wish Mrs. and Mr.K.S.S.N.SARMA.

The celebrations started with Mrittika Snanams on 6th November 2008 at 8.00 AM amidst Vedic Chantings by purohit. The snanam was conducted with 108 sacred measures containing waters from pious Ganges, Penna, Krishna, Godavari and Manjeera collected specially for the purpose by Chy.Bharadwaj Kumar and Chy.Sunil Kumar, sons of Mr.K.S.S.N.SARMA, with mrittika (the pious mud) from Tulasi Vanam. After this, the Sastipoorthi Couple were presented with new clothes by the sons and daughters-in-law as per the establisehd tradition.

At 5.00 PM, on the day, while the Maha Mandapam was being prepared for all the pious Yagnas by 11 Vedic Pundits , with 76 Mantra Kalasas, (60 Kalasas for Prabhavadi Samvastaras, 9 for Navagrahas,4 for Chaturdisa Varna Kalasas, 3 for Mrutyu,Ugraratha, Mrtunjaya Main Kalasas), the remaining Devathas being invited through Mantra Samhitha Tambula Awhayanam. The Shastipoorthi Couple honoured all the elder couple with New garments and with permission of the Vedic Purohits, the youngesters were also presented with New Garments.

The Shastipoorthi Couple then entered the Maha Mandapam amidst Veda Parayana and after Ganapati Pooja, the Rutvigarvanam, Panchagavya Prasana, the Maha Mandapa Aradhana was conducted. After Mangala Neerajana Mantrapushamulu, the day's Aradhana was concluded.

Early in the morning at 5.30 A.M , on 7th November,2008, the Pratah Kala Maha Manadapa Aradhana was conducted by the Sashti Poorthi Couple, followed by Rutvigarvanamu, Nakshatra,Navagraha Mrutunjaya Japalu,were held as per Vedic Traditions. Later on Ayushya Sukta Veda Parayanamu, Rudrabhisekhamu,Suryanamaskaramulu,Ayushya Homam, Mandapa Devatha Homamulu were held. The Poornahuti was held at 11.00 AM, with all the members of the family of Shri K.S.S.N.Sarma, participating with all attention.

All the Vedic Pundits were honoured with new clothes and Dakshinas.

At 11.30 AM, the Satachidrabhisekham (Jalleda Snanam) was held on Terrace of the building where all the relations and friends have participated in Mantra Prokshana of the pious river waters colllected specially by the sons of Shri Sarma.

The Lunch was held in the Cellar and with delicious food items being served, the relatives and friends enjoyed the same, with joy and happiness.

The Kalyana Veduka was held at 1.30 PM wherein the couple were felicitated by the relatives and friends profoundly with new clothes and various presentations.

Later in the night, the Mejuvani was held for the couple by Sons and Daughters-in-law, where everyone had enjoyed the event.

The Shastipoorthi Celebrations successfully came to an happy end with Mangala Harathi by the Keesaravamsam Adapaduchulu.


Hema lalitha Lokala said...

Gud blog....useful for me as am celebrating my parents sastipurthi.... And happy for ur sastipurthi mahosthav

Hema lalitha Lokala said...

Gud blog....useful for me as am celebrating my parents sastipurthi.... And happy for ur sastipurthi mahosthav

కీసర వంశము***** KEESARAVAMSAM